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Three Bridges Rail Operating Centre


The Spencer Group


Scope of Works

Three Bridges Rail Operating Center, new build fitout

The scope of works included supply and installation of the electrical services and containment for the Rail Operating Centre at Three Bridges. The general electrical services package shall comprise the supply and installation of the following

  • primary and secondary containment systems
  • HV & LV distribution equipment, transformers and LV mains distribution.
  • LV main distribution cabling.
  • sub distribution cabling.
  • sub distribution (DBs etc)
  • lighting and emergency lighting systems
  • Central battery systems
  • external lighting and small power services.
  • transformer compound earth nests, equipotential and supplementary earthing systems.
  • Lightning Protection System (Sub contracted)
  • electrical services associated with the Mechanical systems including, rain water harvesting, Solar Heating, Fan Coil Units and Down Flow Units.
  • Interconnection cabling between UPS systems and batteries.
  • Testing and commissioning in accordance with BS7671

Including the procurement of the following:

  • HV Distribution Equipment (RMUs)
  • 11kv / 400v Transformers
  • Main Distribution Equipment (Main Intake Panel, Main LV Panel, PDUs, UPS Output Panels, Central Battery System Panel Board).

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