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Design Department

Winters specialist design department, have undertaken the design on some of London’s major projects, including the fit out of three floors of the Shard as a day hospital facility, also three floors of Guys Hospital.

The Shard Cityscape The Shard Plans Guys Interior The Shard 3D Modelling

Some Shard Facts

  • The Shard is 309.6 metres, or 1,016 feet, high - almost a third of a kilometre.
  • It is 95 storeys tall, with level 72 the highest habitable floor.
  • The building is served by 44 lifts, some of which are double-decker.
  • Its exterior is covered by 11,000 glass panels - equivalent in area to eight football pitches or two and a half Trafalgar Squares.
  • The length of wiring in the building, 320km or 200 miles, would stretch from London to Paris.
  • At the busiest point during its construction, 1,450 workers from 60 countries were helping to build The Shard.
  • Lifts in The Shard travel at speeds of up to 6 metres a second.
  • A fox was found on the 72nd floor towards the end of construction. The fox, which was nicknamed Romeo by staff, is believed to have survived on food left by construction workers.
  • The Shard is jointly owned by The State of Qatar and Sellar Property Group.

Winters design department use the latest electrical design applications to complete lighting and electrical designs to meet clients requirements and ensure compliance with legislation and best practice, and also ensure environmental impact are minimised.

Winters have also invested heavily on 3D BIM (Business Information Modelling) technology, and are one of a few of the leading companies, with full, in-house, 3D electrical design capabilities.

Contact Winters on 01293 843 800 to find out how we can assist with your electrical contract.

A selection of recent projects...

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