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Winters using an E-learning Health and Safety Training & Awareness systemMonday 16th March 2015

Winters are employing Human Focus online health and safety training resources. 

Human Focus is a web-based compliance support service for health and safety, the central component of the system, and the one that Winters will focus on mainly, is the E learning aspect of the system. The system is being used to rollout Health and Safety awareness and training to Directors, Management, Staff, Employees and regular Sub Contractors. Winters set specific and tailored packages that are determined by the individuals job function and risk profile.  These are monitored by Winters H&S department to ensure the required levels of training are completed within the timescales set.  

Gary Murphy, Winters Health and Safety Manager said “The Human Focus, online Health and Safety (H&S) training program, that has now been adopted across the company will improve H&S awareness at all levels of the business. It will drive and improved level of H&S knowledge and enhance our focus on this very important subject” 

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