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Colin a dog and an albatrossFriday 21st May 2010

Colin Rothery and his finest golfing moment

Colin Rothery,Winters Operational Director, was playing a round of golf with three of his collegues at Tilgate Park Course in Three Bridges. He tee'd off on a trickey 485 yard par 5 hole with a sharp 90 degree dog leg to the left. He hit a perfect drive in the middle of the fairway that finished centre of the turn facing the green. Following his drive a dog and its owner crossed the fairway close to where his ball landed. When Colin walked to the position where his ball had finished, the ball was no where to be found. After an extensive search of the area by all four players, it was decided that the ball had clearly been moved. And most likley by the dog. The other three continued to play their second shots and as they walked the fairway towards the hole, a full 100 120 yards closer to the green than where the ball had landed, they found Colins ball laying on the edge of the rough. After Colin had finished his dance of excitement, he played his second shot that was still about 150 yards from the hole, it bounced on the green, hit the flag and went in the hold.
Colins 2 shot par 5 effort, though dog assisted, was still a massive achievement, and one the rest of the office, relatives and freinds will have to suffer for some time to come.
I am sure Colin would like to thank the dog for his contribution to his finest golfing achievement.

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