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BT WalesTuesday 30th August 2011

BT Work Increasing significantly

Winters have seen significant growth in BT Wales work over the last 6 months. As we have mentioned in an earlier news item that Winters secured our 3 year Measured Term Contract with BT for the south of the UK, in February this year. Since then in addition to the MTC works, we have also secured DNO and generator upgrade works.These projects involve the upgrade of the exchange incoming electrical, and standby supplies. In addition to these we have also secured 105 sites that require lighting upgrades.
The growth in BT work has seen our workforce expand from 5 in February 2011 to 16 currently working in Wales and a support staff of 2 in our head office.
Winters efforts have received praise from the BT management team and the BT Capacity Delivery Manager for Wales sent a message to the Winters Directors that stated;

”can you please cascade a message of “sincere appreciation and thanks” to the WHOLE WINTERS team for their contribution and dedication in ensuring a “seamless start up” to the new AC /MTC .
In an extremely short time span the whole process has become very much BAU which is testament to the professionalism of the Winters team.
Wynford Jones
Capacity Delivery Manager - Wales.

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