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Our Projects

Telecomms & Media




London, M25, South, East Anglia, West, Wales

Scope of Works

-Measured Term Contract -A56 Periodic Inspection & Testing -Engine Replacement

For the last 14 or so years Winters have held Contracts with BT to cover a variety of works, including, but not limited to;

  • A56 Inspection & Testing - comprising periodic inspection & testing of electrical installations, followed by site remedial works & modifications as required. Also to undertake surveys of existing installations, followed by a detailed Hevacomp (or Cymap) design analysis, & the installation of remedial works.
  • Measured Term Contract - comprising AC electrical installations within exchange buildings as required by BT or other licensed operators (OLOs) in order to maintain the integrity of the power infrastructure.
  • Engine Installation - comprising the procurement & installation of standby generators, all associated mains distribution works, along with any required mechanical (fuel line & exhaust) & acoustic modifications.

The works undertaken have been within live telephone exchanges; as such, we have had to pay particular attention to our working environment, i.e. BT operational staff, & highly sensitive telecommunications equipment.

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